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Get more website visitors to your product rental business website.

Get more traffic to your website

This article provides techniques that have been proven to increase the number of website visitors. Take advantage of these strategies to increase your site visitors to your rental business website created with

Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your website more friendly for search engines. Optimizing your site for search engines makes it easier for customers to find your site which will increase the chances of acquiring rental jobs or sales.

Let Google know what your site is about

When customers wants information they usually type into the text input area that google provides. Google then finds web pages they think would best satisfy the searcher’s query.

search query matches search text on google

Since potential customers usually type or speak words into google, make sure the text of your website contains the text that a potential customer might be searching for.

Part of Google’s algorithm is to examine the text on a webpage and to serve the appropriate page to the searcher if google thinks it will provide the searcher with the correct answer

If someone types in “Where to rent an excavator”, what do you think Google will show? A website that mentions renting out excavators or a website that mainly talks about dogs.

So you have to mention the words that you think will trigger Google’s algorithm to show your webpage to the Google user. If you rent out excavators make sure the pages on your website mention words that are associated with the “rental of an excavator”.

Examples of phrases that you should include in a website that rents out excavators are

“you can rent an excavator for 200 dollars an hour”.


"we rent out excavators and deliver them in the Brooklyn area”.

You can also write content about the process of renting an excavator. Google has a way of figuring out the text on the page to provide the searcher with the best possible results.

Writing articles about your niche or industry is very undervalued.

Many people are surprised about its effectiveness. It provides Google a reason to show your content.
Google loves and thrives off content.

Writing articles that contain your location can help you get special treatment from google when users request information in a specific area where you do business.

If you don’t have text in your web content that triggers the google matching algorithim of matching the user's search querys to text from your site, most likely your site will not show up at the top of google’s search engine results page (SERP), but your competitors will .

You should also include images of your topic. Like pictures of an excavator.

Show a video that discusses the rental process of an excavator.

Convince Google that you are the authority on the topic. This usually helps new websites rank higher and faster.

Rentalsetup helps you with SEO to get more website traffic.

1. You can create articles for your rental business website with

One way RentalSetup helps its customers gain authority status with Google is by allowing their customers to write articles for their product rental business. When you write articles about a particular topic, Google will attach your website to the topic and show your pages more often to people that search for that topic.

In my research websites that have more authoritative articles about a topic rank higher on the SERP. Website owners dedicate teams to writing content that’s relevant to their business. The ones with the most articles rank higher and longer text rank higher.

Start writing articles for the website that’s created for you by us. You can go to the articles page section through the header after you are logged in. Once you create the article on the backend it will be published so that customers and search engines can find it.

Inside look of the rentalsetup platform that shows how to create articles

2. Make sure your product page has keywords that searchers might use.

You can enter keywords on the product page by including a description on the product page. You should use info about the product and the fact that you are renting it, so search engines can detect what your page is about.

Be careful not to do keyword stuffing

3. Make a custom title for your articles

The title is the most important when it comes to SEO. The title of the webpage is pretty much the only text of the page that is guaranteed to show up in the SERP. You should write a title that would lure people to click on your site.

4. Make sure your webpages are indexed with google.

You should make sure your website is indexed on google. You can type in site:“<sitename>” in the Google search bar. If it’s not there attach the Google Search Console to your website. And enter in your webpages to be indexed manually. It usually takes 1 or 2 days for a new website to be indexed.

How to find out if your site is viewable on Google

5. Create a “Contact Us” page for your rental business website

Rental Setup provides a way for you to make a contact page for your website. Google looks at these pages to find information about your business. It should be able to detect your address and phone number.

Sometimes Google shows special business in a special way on the first page of the results when a user looks up for a service in their area. They might show a map and have your business on their and have buttons that makes it easy for the user to click that goes to your site.

Adding your business info on the Contact Us page will help get these coveted top spots.

Include your address to increase your site showing up in “near me” searches. And they will show special icons to entice users to click.

6. Rental setup supplies a page view counter so you can get an idea of how many people visit your rental site.

Know how many people visit your rental business site. If you think you are getting very few visitors you should apply the strategies mentioned on this page. Once you implemented a strategy you can see how it effect the amount of viewers that came to your site.

The amount of visits will show on the top of each product page when you are logged in as an admin.

You can also have Google Analytics installed on your site to you get more details on your visitors. If you want us to install Analytics contact us

Google Analytics also provide a live view count of website vistors so you can see how many users are viewing your site in real time.

In summary

In this article, you are shown some tips on how to get more customers by optimizing your rental website for search engines. enables everyone to set up a website to rent things online. It is perfect for the construction equipment rental industry and the party rental industry. It's important that you apply some of these tips once you create your website with us. We want you to succeed and get more rental jobs online.