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Creating articles can help create traffic to your site and get more customers. It's also a way for your viewers to learn about what you do pertaining to the rental business industry.

create articles for a rental business website

You can create an article by going to the header after you login

  1. Click on the admin button in the header.
  2. Click on the "articles" button in the "site pages section"
  3. You will be directed to a page where you can create and view your articles

or you can type in the route /admin/client-article.

create articles for seo content in the rental setup platform
Go to the header and click on the articles button to create articles for your rental business

On the page that loads after clicking from the header you will see a

  1. list of articles
  2. create articles button
You can see existing articles and the 'create articles' button

create new article

When you click on the "create article" button you will be directed to the create article button.

On the new article page you are able to enter different types of content such as

  1. text
  2. images
  3. links
  4. header text
  5. headers

Make sure you click save

You are able to access your articles on the frontend by going to the route "/contents"

view of creating article inside the app. You can upload images for your rental business

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