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Accept online payments for your rental products

Customers will be able to send you payments when they place their rental orders with you. You will be able to accept deposits

  • a fixed amount for all jobs like a flat rate amount. <Deposit>
  • a percentage of the total of the job. <Deposit>
  • Make full payment required. <No Deposit>
  • Make payment not mandatory.
  • Save a credit card at checkout and charge the card when job is done

You can also apply refunds inside the app

We take care of setting up a custom domain and the hosting of your site.

No more worrying about technical stuff or hiring IT people.

We'll set your site up and customers can book rental jobs right away.

Upload and rent out different type of products

  • Large quantity items where you can include a quantity pricing discount tables.

  • Specific variant items. To give a good idea to the customer of the exact item they are going to get

  • You can upload items to sell too, not just rental items.

There is an option to charge by the minute day or months

Rent out by daily or hourly time periods

Party rental business

You can use RentalSetup as a party rental website builder and software. Customers will be able to see your products on the front end of the website.

If you want to create a website to rent out things like bouncy houses, tents, or stages you should signup now to get your party rental website setup.

You can use this platform as an event rental management software or rental inventory management system.

party rental business

Construction equipment rental software

Rent out tools and construction equipment with our construction equipment rental software

People use RentalSetup as a construction equipment website builder. You will be able to upload equipment like excavators, lifts, barriers and have customer schedule rental jobs.

Get access to the best equipment renal software where you can manage construction rental equipment jobs.

construction equipment rental business
Learn how to set up your site with us

At the end of signing up you will be able to upload products and rent them out. Learn about the steps that needs to be taken to start your site

How to add a logo to your website

You can add a custom logo and other assets to your website.

How to set up your custom domain

You are entitled to one custom domain. If you get the domain when your trial is over it's free. To attach a domain while you are in trial mode there is a small fee.

What are the types of products I can rent out?

You can upload different style rental products. like Large quantity, specif variant, or big ticket items. You can also upload a product that you can sell and it can be added to a cart.

Is there way to prevent overbooking on rental inventory?

You have the option to have the platform not accept jobs if there is going to be a conflict with certain inventory and the time being scheduled for job in question.

What people are saying about RentalSetup

"Now I have a website setup for my bounce houses. I just upload my product and my home page get populated with the products"

From Arizona

"I can put all my party supplies online with I love get notifications when a customer places an order"

From Florida

"It was easy to upload my inventory and I enjoy seeing all the customers come in from Google. It helps my rental business. Thanks."

From Colorado