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Different types (styles) of product you can upload to RentalSetup

You can create different types of products. There are

  • Big ticket items
  • Large quantity products
  • Specific variant products
  • Sales products

Selecting a product type will create a product that displays their unique characteristc . For example, Large Quantity items will be shown a price discount table for larger quantity orders. Variant-style products will show different variants of a product a customer can choose from the product page.

Big ticket items

Big ticket items are like main feature items. These are more expensive items. Inventory management is not so important. for example if you have expensive bouncy houses, you can put it up as a Big Ticket Item. If you have smaller less expensive item you can create a Large Quantity items. An Ideal example for Large Quantity items are forks

Large Quantity items

Large quantity items provide a way for you to display a pricing table that allows you to offer discounts for the larger the quantity the customer ordered.

With large quantity items you can take advantage of the inventory system and prevent booking if the system detect if the customer books too many items. You can set the auto detection off and on.

Specific variant products

Use this option if you want to give your customers a specif option of a product. For example if you rent out treadmills, you can display the exact treadmill the user will choose. This way the customer won't be surprised. Each variant of the product will have an internal id for you to recognize it.

Sales product

You can also sell products. These are like addons. For example if someone is renting party equipment from you, they can add on plastic forks or sodas to the order. These are not meant for you to pickup when you pickup the order from the rental job.