Learn how to upload a logo and other assets to your website
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You can upload images used throughout the website here

You can go to your asset page to upload a logo, favicon, and and image to show when there is an error loading an image.


This is where you can upload the logo for your website/company


The Favicon is the image that shows in the tab of the browser

Image not available

rentalsetup has an error image to show by default but if you want to upload one of your own for customization or branding you can click on "Image not available img" and upload the image there

You can access the page with route /admin/assets

If you don't have a logo, your subdomain will be displayed where the logo will be.

If you haven't entered an image for your logo, the subdomain will be display as a text format in the logo area. You can change the logo-text by going to the header settings and clicking on the tab, Text Logo. There you will see the input area to enter the text for the logo-text.

You are able to change the logo-text. You might want to edit the logo-text if your subdomain contains multiple words. No spaces are allowed in a subdomain so in this section you can add the spaces.