Onboarding process of RentalSetup Website builder
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Onboarding process of RentalSetup

This article will explain how to go from not having a rental website to have having one. After completion you will be upload products to rent them out.

After you register with us you can start the 3 steps to building your rental site.

3 steps to start building your rental website:

  • Attaching or creating a stripe account to accepts payments for jobs
  • Attaching a credit card to be charged when it's time to pay for your subscription
  • choosing your domain

Once you enter your initial contact information you will be taken to the RentalSetup's platform welcome page where you can complete the 3 onboarding steps.

Welcome page for online software to build websites
View of the 3 onboarding steps on the welcome page.

When you click the green button you will be taken to the Stripe website.

Inside view of what questions Stripe will ask.

Once you completed the Stripe setup you will be redirected back to us, RentalSetup where you will complete the onboarding process

Next, you have to attach the bank account you will receive payments

Once you are finished with setting up or attaching your stripe account you will be redirected back to the rentalsetup website where you will continue with the onboarding. The next page is where you attach your credit card for any payment you need to make when you use the app. The main payment is the subscription plan. Remember that will only be charged after your 30 day trial.

Once you selected your domain you will be directed to your create page where you can upload products.

If you already have a stripe account you will be able to attach your existing stripe account to save time. You can see the option below of attaching your account. You will see that screen stripe detects your email and you enter in your Stripe password