Make a custom payment option
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Make a custom payment option

You have the option to show different payment options when the customer is at the product page.

You can decide not to show anything. Like no credit card form or contact form. Use this if you mainly want to display a product page.

You can show a credit card form that accepts a specified deposit or the full amount

Show a contact for on the product page

Deposit options
Percentage amount of the total

Let's say the total is $100 and you set up to accept %30 of the total of the job the user will be required to pay $30.

You will be able to write a custom message they may include more details of when the rest of the payment needs to be paid

The total amount requested at checkout will change based on the total of the job

A fixed rate

Lets say the total of the job is $500 and you set a fixed rate of $100, all jobs will only be charged $100.

if the total is below the fixed rate. The lower amount will be charged so there will be no overcharge. The total of the job will be shown not the fixed amount

This is a fixed rate for all jobs.

Charge the full amount of the job upfront

If the total is $1,000 customer will be presented with a credit card form where the full amount would need be payed

You can add your custom message

Remember you can make refund and extra charges on the job later

If you don't want to show a credit card form you can just have the user send you the job without credit card information.

You can also have the customer send you message without credit card details when they send you the job