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There are systems in place to make sure the customer enters valid info when submitting a job

W hen a user submits an order with a specific time entered type of job, we check to make sure the time inputs are valid. We make sure the ending time entered is not a time that is before the start time. We also make sure that the time entered is in your business hours if you set those settings.

Below, you will see an example of the type of the feedback that the user sees when the users enters an end time the is before a start time . You can also see an error that says the time entered is not in the current business hours and shows a list of available times for that day.

Valid delivery location

When the user enters an address google will suggest valid address. If the customer has an issue with Google suggestions there is an option for them to address the address manually. If no address was entered and the job is for a delivery it will not be sent to you. If a customer didn't enter an address in your delivery area (valid delivery zip codes) the order will not be sent through