Learn how to customize your navbar or header
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Settings for how the nav bar looks

To set the navBar settings go to your private route /admin/navBar.

There are tabs on the side that says Links and bar color

You can change the navbar color and links to the navbar


You have the options for making a link with a dropdown or without a dropdown. dropdown has a submenu. For example lets say the link show "silverware" you can make it so that when you click on "silverware" a menu appears that shows "forks", "spoons", "knifes", etc. This way the customer can navigate to your products easier

When you click Drop down you will see text input boxes "parent", "Name of link", "the link"

Parent is the text that users sees on the navbar. Name of link is the text the users sees on the submenu.The link is the link attached to the text subdomain. to make an external link use a protocol like http://www.example.com. To use an internal link take away a protocol and have the route like products/forks Do not use a slash at the beginning for internal link