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You can set videos, images, assign products and settings on the home page

The route to access the homepage settings area inside the app is /admin/homepage.

You can also get to the admin homepage page, where you can adjust the content of the homepage by going to the admin dropdown link in the header and click on home page.

There, you will be able to attach videos or images. And also certain products and other settings

There are 5 tabs. Media, Pricing, Featured products, category display and Product dump

Media tab Where you can add a video or image

There is a dropdown menu that says video or image

There is also a tab at the top that says Top Media and Middle Media. This is there so you can attach a video or image at the top and or the bottom of the page.

so if you want to add in image towards the bottom of the page click "Middle Media" then choose the media type of "image" and then click or drop the image in the file upload area. Then click "submit image"

Pricing tab

Make sure the checkbox is checked if you want to display pricing on the products on the home page

Featured Products

Featured products are products you pick from your entire inventory to display on the homepage

Category Display

If "show categories" are checked we will display grouped products based on their categories. If you check "Select Which categories to show on home page" you can select which categories to show on the home page. or you can show all products grouped by category

All options will be applied when you click the checkbox. You don't have to click a submit button
Product Dump

If you want to show all products in inventory without grouping then make sure "how all products towards the top of the home page" is checked

change size of the product images
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